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Are my files secure?

Is Dropbox safe for secure file storage? | Vault Rooms SVR Services You might be wondering if online file storage sites like Dropbox are safe for your important and secure files. If not handled properly, your secure information could be at risk on sites like Dropbox, either through their fault or your own.  Vault Rooms… Continue reading Are my files secure?

Healthcare and Virtual Data Rooms

As the healthcare industry becomes a leader in the world economy, so too will healthcare companies be the primary focus of cyber criminals. Whether your company specializes in life sciences, medicinal research, or pharmaceutical insurance, a secure medium for files and documentation is crucial, because not only are massive budgets on the line, but also… Continue reading Healthcare and Virtual Data Rooms

Accounting Checklist | What Clients Look For

As clients search for an accountant in the weeks following the pandemic, you want to make sure that your business is as professional as can be.  Large clients will desire the ease of access and security that comes with a digital vault room. Consider Secure Vault Rooms as your digital solution to safe client access… Continue reading Accounting Checklist | What Clients Look For