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Use secure Vault Rooms for Medical Professionals

Healthcare and Virtual Data Rooms

As the healthcare industry becomes a leader in the world economy, so too will healthcare companies be the primary focus of cyber criminals.

Whether your company specializes in life sciences, medicinal research, or pharmaceutical insurance, a secure medium for files and documentation is crucial, because not only are massive budgets on the line, but also patient information, study results, and more.

Here are the major ways that a secure digital vault room can benefit you in 2020:


While many of your staff members are able to remain in the office, there are no doubt many more employees who must remain at home, or are located in satellite locations. When these employees need to transmit a file or a document, you want to ensure that they are doing so over a secure network.

When files can contain information that must be protected under HIPAA regulations, letting a cyber criminal snatch information could lead to deadly consequences. Or, if transferred documents include patents, trademarks, or research results, your company could suffer losses in the millions. Both of these dangers are essentially zeroed when you entrust your information to a digital vault room.

We pride ourselves with an array of security technologies, which you can use to fully protect both the document pool, and individual documents themselves:
-Two factor authentication upon log-in or view
-Digital Rights Management (DRM) support for individual files
-Secure sharing of files over closed network systems


Transferring an entire company to a new software system can be a nightmare, even if you have a dedicated IT professional on staff.

Avoid the hassle, and build your company around our Vault Rooms.

With our secure vault rooms, going digital is a breeze, and brings peace of mind that a file can be found with the help of our dedicated support staff, and at any time of day or night. Our goal is to keep your company focused on research, claims, or whatever bio-science you do best, while we keep track of your information technology.

Vault Rooms – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served private equity firms, investment bankers, accountants, banks, brokers, and more, for the past 13 years. Vault Rooms leads the industry in ensuring businesses both large and small are able to continue running in both times of national crisis and times of wellbeing. Invest in your company’s future by investing in your company’s present.

In the same way that you install a house alarm to stave off burglary, trust Vault Rooms to be that security sign in your front yard. Once a criminal realizes we’re on your side, they’ll go find somebody else. It’s not worth their trouble, because you’ve taken the time to do things right.