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Secure Document Sharing for Real Estate

Elite Real Estate’s Newest Weapon: Vault Rooms (by Vault Rooms, Inc.)

Time is money. Time can be spent with your clients, showing homes, or fielding offers. Time and money doesn’t belong in the virtual data world, especially when a real estate professional belongs in the field.

Whatever type of real estate you practice, get a leg up on your competitors and utilize digital vault rooms to conduct business. When property values get higher and as you deal with more seasoned buyers, your potential clients will want to know that they’re working with a professional.

No serious real estate agent should be utilizing a technology with the security gaps of email, or the amateur appearance of Dropbox.

Let your clients know you mean business, and trust Vault Rooms to provide bank-level security to your business.

Vault Room Utility for Real Estate Agents | Real Estate Digital File Storage

When you begin fielding offers for a residence, you may use email, dropbox, or person-to-person interactions.

Email is hard to keep track of, and takes a great deal of time. Dropbox allows clientele to see each others’ presence in file folders and the like. Personal interactions can get messy, stressful, and litigious.

So trust Secure Digital Vault Rooms to make your job easier.

Share important financial and residential information with multiple potential buyers at once. Use Vault Rooms portals to gather information on each buyer, and what they’d be willing to pay for the property in question.

Collect buyer offers in one place, knowing the information is secure, and as simple as sharing a link with a client, rather than tracking down email addresses, documentation, and other specifics.

Digital Security | Legal Protection | Client Satisfaction

Whether you’re looking for a more professional approach to file transfers, or you’ve grown concerned over the increase in phishing and malware attacks, trust the experts at Vault Rooms, Inc. to give you peace of mind. Take that satisfaction back into the field, and apply your newfound time to new clients.

When you sign up for digital file security with Vault Rooms, Inc., our staff will be on call 24/7 to help you find, organize, and transfer files securely.

How many times have you found yourself scrolling through your computer, rifling through a file cabinet, or scrambling across your phone to find one piece of paper? No longer will this take time from your days! Vault Rooms is all about making your files safer, more accessible, and more secure.

With dynamic watermarking, digital rights management protections, and compartmentalized file sharing capabilities, no longer will you have to worry that you may accidentally expose client information. Or worse, a client may be able to expose your information. Don’t let it happen.

The Future is Now | Doing Business with Vault Rooms Inc.

The world will return to work after the pandemic, and clients will return to offices, homes, and open lots, but new degrees of security are now necessary.

Whether you’re working with someone on the other side of the world, or in your own neighborhood, it’s crucial that you have the security to back up your working relationship, and that you both can be confident in that fact.

So call us today at Vault Rooms Inc., and let us describe what we can do for you today!