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Request List Management

Streamline Your Document Collection & Management Process

Your Challenge:

Dealing with the Unpleasant Processes of Document Collection & Management Associated with Client Engagements

Our Solution: Request List Management (RLM)

In preparation for audits, tax return preparations, loan applications, estate and exit planning, the process of putting together the required provided by client (PBC) documents often turns out to be messy and time-consuming.

In addition to an extremely tedious document collection process, a significant amount of time is lost due to inefficient communication between professionals and their clients.

Our Request List Management solution helps you streamline and automate the management of this frequently arduous procedure.

In short, RLM helps you focus your talents as a professional where you deliver value, not on the document collection effort.

Create Your Request List

Quickly and easily create or upload your request list and assign tasks to your client.

  • Save time, resources, and money.
  • Improve client experience and engagement.
  • Sort and filter your request list by assignment, due date, and status.
  • Upload documents with ease.

Stop wasting time searching emails, computers, and servers for project-related documents.

  • Auto-map your Request List to an organized file structure.
  • Use workflow tools to easily assign requests to multiple parties.
  • Centralized access for multiple staff members.
  • Connection to an organized (VDR) system.

Organize & Assign

Monitor & Review

Quit juggling a chaotic document review and approval process.

  • Mark each request as accepted or rejected.
  • Gain valuable insight of every file upload, change and deletion.
  • Send system notifications to involved parties for request status updates.
  • Integrate document review with client communication to eliminate confusion.