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Secure Data Rooms for Accounting Data

Accounting Checklist | What Clients Look For

As clients search for an accountant in the weeks following the pandemic, you want to make sure that your business is as professional as can be. 

Large clients will desire the ease of access and security that comes with a digital vault room. Consider Secure Vault Rooms as your digital solution to safe client access when you perform your accounting measures. 

New Client Checklist – SECURITY

If you’re using a basic file sharing site to work with clients, you could be putting them at risk. Not only could a hacker gain access to your files by hacking your password, but also the files that belong to your entire host of clientele. Protect them with the 24/7 security provided by secure digital vault rooms.

Even something like simple email can threaten your business safety, which is why vault rooms are so necessary for clientele usage. If a hacker can use a password to access your Dropbox, they can most definitely find a way to request documents from a client, pretending to be you. Hackers have been known to email clients, pretending to be accountants, and asking them for their documents. Protect yourself and avoid any miscommunications. 

New Client Checklist – PERMISSION CONTROL

On an unprotected network, a bad actor might be able to alter business information or grant access to someone else. Don’t let it happen to your clients!

If a client requests the removal of a former coworker, a compromised account, or any number of scenarios, a secure digital vault room can fix the situation in a flash. Whether an account should be deactivated, or granularly modified, your Vault Room is capable of anything. 


On basic file sharing sites, it may be challenging to retrace your steps, and sites like Google Drive may delete information after a short period of time. With your Vault Room, you will have an infinite list of transactions that occur on the platform, so that you can show a client without doubt that your accountability is correct. 

What’s a good accountant if they aren’t able to account for their own actions?

New Client Checklist – EASE OF USE

For your clients, Vault Rooms provide a straightforward and easy approach to their content needs. Whereas sites like WeTransfer may make permissions challenging for new users, Vault Rooms provides a direct avenue for proper usage. 

Even better for you and your firm, Vault Rooms provides 24/7 file support, meaning we’re able to deliver functionality when it comes to finding elusive paperwork or client information.

Bottom Line: Trust in Vault Rooms and your clients will trust in you.

Secure Digital Vault Rooms are a worldwide brand, trusted and secured by companies across the country and the globe. From the ground up, we’ve built a company that devotes itself to client satisfaction, and we look forward to serving you.