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Are my files secure?

Is Dropbox safe for secure file storage? | Vault Rooms SVR Services

You might be wondering if online file storage sites like Dropbox are safe for your important and secure files. If not handled properly, your secure information could be at risk on sites like Dropbox, either through their fault or your own. 

Vault Rooms is a different kind of digital vault, and we take extra levels of security to keep your information secure, compared to a company like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box and others. 

While no file storage is perfect in every way for every client, Vault Rooms provides an array of bonuses that you can’t get with the basic membership at Dropbox. It’s time to make the switch and take charge of your most important information! 

The Vault Rooms Difference — Dropbox and How It Stacks Up for File Safety

Vault Rooms are completely digital sources for your many files, whether they’re personal, for a small business, or for a large organization. We handle clients of all sizes, and benefit them in the following ways:

1. Vault Rooms provides a dedicated additional pair of eyes to monitor your security and provide round-the-clock support in the moment. You probably won’t find that on Dropbox. 

2. Vault Rooms provides easy watermarking and digital rights management, to provide maximum deterrence against someone who may copy your files. 

3. Vault Rooms can assist you with setup to make sure security and format are perfect for your group. 

In this increasingly digital moment in business, don’t let your guard down when hackers could do the most damage to your information. Vault Rooms is built with security first and foremost, rather than ease of access with security as an afterthought like you might find on the average file sharing sites. 

Vault Rooms Features | Security Features You May or May Not Find on Dropbox 

First, the Vault Rooms team can support your staff, ensuring that everyone is trained to watch out for cyber attacks. Many attacks can happen through digital manipulation and psychological approaches that you may not be familiar with. Your members should keep important files on site in secure storage, avoid online threats and fishy emails, and ensure they’re backing up information before parting with it. 

Vault Rooms also provides two-factor authentication, which makes sure that even with a username and password, a hacker can’t steal information from you. We can make sure team members and file viewing guests can’t steal from other team members in the network. And Vault Rooms can assist with file storage and recovery, saving you time and money when you can’t find something you’re looking for. 

Vault Rooms – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served private equity firms, accountants, banks, investment brokers, bankers, and more, for the past 13 years. We work every day of the calendar year, with access to every piece of documentation you need. 

Vault Rooms lead the digital vault industry in ensuring businesses both large and small are able to continue running in both times of national crisis and times of wellbeing. There is no limit to which criminals will go to steal your information and harm your business. Shifting your business to a secure digital vault will pay dividends in the peace of mind it provides.