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How to prevent a Ransomware attack

Have I been attacked by Ransomware? | What to do to Protect yourself…

In our increasingly digital and remote world, ransomware has become a prevalent and damaging type of computer hack. In days long gone, computer viruses could knock out a single computer for hours or days, and they were a pain, but you could fix them with software. Unfortunately in our modern day, computer hackers have grown beyond simple viruses, and attack your confidential information instead. 

A ransomware attack is more easy to spot than the average computer virus, but there’s still a lot that goes into the process, which is why we’ve put together this guide.

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It could be the mayor. It could be an assistant. It could be a summer intern. No matter who’s in your organization, everyone from top to bottom who can access your files can be the weak link that lets hackers inside your security gate. If you’ve seen a combination of the following, you may be a victim of ransomware:

1. The Ransom Note: Have you received a threatening letter demanding payment, usually in the form of bitcoin or cryptocurrency? They tell you that they have access to important documents and the like, and that if you don’t pay, you won’t get them back, or they’ll be shared on the dark web. 

This can seem scary, but beware there are thieves that will attempt this approach without having actually stolen anything from you, in the hopes that you’ll just act without thinking. 

2. Lost Access to Documents/Accounts: Ransomware is primarily the combination of a hacked system in addition to the ransom note. Again, beware of responding to any note from hackers, especially one with no loss of access accompanying it. 

If you are locked out of your system, account, or find your documents totally emptied, it can be a terrifying situation. Computers and technology were supposed to make our lives easier, not open them up more conveniently to criminals. 


Unfortunately, there’s not a perfect way to handle ransomware. If you’ve had a close call, the time is now to secure your network and your files with the help of Vault Rooms and our secure digital vault services. 

You may have retained a paper backup of your files, in which case you can form new accounts and repopulate the material on the accounts, but that can be time consuming. 

Usually, ransomware attackers will preserve your information, but their payments may be too high for you or your insurance policy to cover. 

If you can’t afford to pay the ransom, a third-party company can sometimes recover your files, but beware third-party ransomware companies, as many of them will just take the money you pay them and pay the ransom directly to the criminals themselves. 

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While a culprit can copy and paste files out of a shared folder or Google Drive, they can’t get close when it comes to Vault Rooms. 

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