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Universities and Vault Rooms

Universities and Vault Rooms in the age of COVID

While file sharing sites like Dropbox and Drive are dominant on college campuses, there are projects, classes, and departments that require additional security and discretion. Look no further than Vault Rooms for all your college digital vault needs. 

Threats to college digital security are manifold, chief among them: admissions competitors, international institutions, and the need to distribute intellectual property widely in an age of record I.P. theft. 

Virtual Data Rooms (VDR’s) are changing the way business is run in the age of work-from-home and now as we move into schooling-from-home and remote schooling. While matters like homework and report cards aren’t necessarily high profile information that needs security, there are many other areas where a loss of data can open your institution to legal retribution. 

Vault Rooms Inc. is an industry leader in secure data room technology, and we want to bring your university’s students, parents, faculty, and teachers into this state-of-the-art experience. 


Introducing an entire student body to a digital vault can be incredibly challenging when there’s no way to seek help from the owner of the site, i.e. Google or WeTransfer. Vault Rooms is intent on 24/7 support, making sure your students have access to our support staff at any possible moment, and with any concern. 

Our support staff serves any level of user, and can assist with inconsequential issues like account setup, as well as crucial concerns like security issues. Our staff can even step in to help find a document or specific piece of information, saving time and resources! 

No longer will your school or academic institution have to hire an I.T. staff member or members to maintain your file sharing portal. Let us do the heavy lifting and focus on education. 


With the average school, Vault Rooms handles tens and hundreds of accounts at one time. But with a college, that number could easily top one or ten thousand, and that’s something we can handle with ease. 

So when it comes to both low stakes and high stakes documents alike, trust Vault Rooms to provide security from those who shouldn’t have access and simplicity to those who should. 

With Vault Rooms, we can set up sensitive areas with added security and insulation against accidental breaches. Moreover, we can help you set up multiple levels or classrooms at a time, making it so your professors can micromanage data points. 

Overall, trust that your student information will be kept safe. As a university, you may need to have access to medical records, social security numbers, and home addresses. Rest assured that this information will never make its way to the dark web by securing everything under Vault Rooms’ lock and key. 

Don’t trust email to solely secure that danger! No email system is totally safe against breaches, phishing, and hacking. 


While there are other choices in Data Rooms out there, no company is as flexible and committed as is to your university’s needs. Using measures like digital rights management, two-factor authentication, and other login measures and encryptions, Vault Rooms provides the most specific and comprehensive options in digital security. 

Many of the industries that Vault Rooms serves are multinational, spanning healthcare, life sciences, financial services, and human resources. They trust us to a fault, and so should you! – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served middle and high schools, accounting firms, real estate agents, brokers, banks, pharmaceutical companies, private equity firms, startups, investment bankers, and more for the past 13 years. 

At Vault Rooms, we pride ourselves in making the digital world a safer place to work and interact, both globally and within the confines of your own college or dormitory network, and we look forward to ensuring the digital safety of your student body.