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Vault Rooms for Academics

Vault Rooms for Professors

Digital Vault Rooms for Professors and Academics

Google Drive and Dropbox won’t cut it when it comes to managing a campus lab, research project, or library. These sites can be hacked, and when security faults, help may not come immediately, or in time. Instead, your class or project should be using a more secure option. Consider Vault Rooms to provide a secure digital vault for you and your students. 

Just because your university or department may not require additional security measures doesn’t mean they’re aware of the dangers of a breach. Be one step ahead of potential hackers and intellectual property thieves that have decimated researchers across the United States, and secure yourself with Vault Rooms. 

Virtual Data Rooms (VDR’s) are securing researchers, professors, and tenured teachers across the country in an age of increased digital use. While documents like reports or homework might not be crucial, research results and publication drafts are vital to the value of the grant or institution that has made this project feasible. 

Vault Rooms Inc. is an industry leader in secure data room technology, and we want to bring your academic workplace into this state-of-the-art realm. 


When you have to tackle a large project on a deadline, you don’t have time to worry about organizing or helping colleagues with a new digital vault. Unlike the Google suite of programs, you won’t be directed to a deleterious FAQ section. Instead, we have a phone number and email that are active at all times of day or night. 

Our staff can provide support for any level of user at no additional charge, and will have a working knowledge of your setup for speed of service. Some of our most helpful services are account setup, document discovery, preparation for acquisition/BTB handoff, and anything else you can think to ask. 

Let us take the hard part out of digital vault storage, and focus on the data that’s most important to you, without expending time on tech issues. Your university’s I.T. department may never know what to do with Google Drive or Dropbox anyway, so leave them in the dust and start anew.


Vault Rooms can handle tens of thousands of students on one university account, but we can also support that many files for your research project, lab, or class. 

When you find yourself overwhelmed with data, or having to work with colleagues who sort data in challenging ways, look no further than our aforementioned 24/7/365 support staff who can effectively locate missing files or buried information. 


While there are other choices in Data Rooms out there, no company is as flexible and committed as is to your university group’s needs. Using measures like digital rights management, two-factor authentication, and other login measures and encryptions, Vault Rooms provides the most specific and comprehensive options in digital security. 

We serve financial institutions, life science companies, multinational corporations, and more, so if they trust us, so should you. 

Moreover, you may need to insulate group projects with certain access limits for your colleagues or students. Vault Rooms is experienced in making sure no one can hack your system from within. Interior hacks aren’t usually a concern in lab groups or research projects, since they’re more common in large companies. However, our insulatory security will go to great measure to prevent students from stealing homework, tests, and more. 

Above all, it’s time to stop using email to send vital documents. Hackers have become experienced beyond belief when it comes to hacking email accounts of any brand. Make good on the faith that your academic institution has put in you and protect the information they’ve commissioned. – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served universities, real estate agents, accounting firms, brokers, private equity firms, pharmaceutical companies, startups, banks, investment bankers, and more for the past 13 years. 

At Vault Rooms, we pride ourselves in making the digital world a safer place to work and interact, both globally and within the confines of your research lab, classroom, or virtual classroom, and we look forward to ensuring the digital safety of your results, and wish you the best in all your endeavors!