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Former Congressmen Speak in Webinar

If someone knew the future, they probably wouldn’t be shouting from the mountaintops, which is why so-called market wizards aren’t the most reliable sources of information in the financial world. 

By working with and listening to former policymakers and lawmakers alike, and by providing state-of-the-art cybersecurity and data room technologies, Vault Rooms Inc. is your place to take the next steps toward security and growth. 

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to sign up for Vault Rooms’ exclusive webinar, POST-ELECTION INDUSTRY DISCUSSION, currently offered as a free replay. It features former policymakers Charlie Stenholm (D) and Steve Bartlett (R), who will discuss bipartisan solutions on the horizon:

WHAT WE KNOW | 2021 Market Foresight | Financial/Tax Planning for 2021

“At the end of the day, Joe Biden will be confirmed. He will be sworn in as president on January 20th, and then the rebuilding will start a little bit after that.” (Bartlett)

Markets are in favor of stability. Ahead of the November 2020 election week, the signs of an election functioning in spite of a national pandemic gave markets increased confidence, coupled with the announcement of vaccine approvals in the weeks that followed. 

Bartlett here suggests that, while stability can never be counted on for sure, that Republican lawsuits around the election seem to be coming to an end, and Joe Biden’s inauguration will provide the stability that markets appreciate. 

In the same way that stability is crucial for markets, so too you can produce stability for your company or organization through a secure data room like those offered by Vault Rooms. As we’ve already seen this year, having just any data room provider can leave you open to cybercrime. Unlike recently compromised companies Vault Rooms is concentrated on every point of our internal data room security and your data room security alike. 

WHAT COMES NEXT | A Post-Vaccine Outlook | Data Rooms in a Pandemic Economy

“There’s a lot of reform that the Fed is looking at, we’re in new plowed ground. I mean, nobody has been here before. Nobody has all the answers. We’re going to have to raise the revenue to go to match our spending.” (Stenholm)

Boosting revenues again will be crucial on a national level once the pandemic endgame materializes. In the same way that maintaining income revenue is crucial after taking on a new loan, our nation will have to make up for the debt incurred by record spending during 2020. 

While it’s unclear whether that revenue makeup will take the form of tighter federal budgets, increased taxation, or further borrowing, it is a given that the coming year and the decade to follow will be make-or-break for the country’s financial health. When it comes to investing, the next decade could either bring a strong dollar at the price of increased taxation, or vice versa. 

While large markets are out of our individual control, you will have nearly complete dominion over your entrepreneurial and business directions, which means you can strengthen those positions more than any single investment might perform. In the same way that investors diversify portfolios, so too you should have safeguards in place against theft, crime, and loss. A secure data room from Vault Rooms is the perfect tool as you move into the coming decade, and will protect you with tools like DRM, 2FA, and more. 

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