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Starting Your Small Business in 5 Easy Steps

Data Rooms for Small Business

Starting your own business can be an equally rewarding and daunting experience all in one, but if you’re successful, you will have brought yourself lasting reward. 

Startups, restaurants, and healthcare practices all have similar requirements that will be necessary, even though industries may be very different. 

So as you embark on your self-employment journey or new corporation, make sure you have the following properly established:

1. What is your business entity?

Some companies are best suited as sole proprietor LLC’s, while others should be set up for growth and valuation potential. 

Forming a business entity will make taxes, litigation, and other details separate to your company, so that your personal finances and holdings can be separate. Consult a legal or tax professional to make sure your entity will be properly set up.  

2. Set up your business bank account.

Setting up your business with its own account will help separate your business expenses from your personal, which will be helpful come tax time. 

To set up your business account, you’ll need a number of documents that vary depending on where you bank, but usually include:

-The EIN number for your LLC. (Similar to an SSN for an individual.)

-A certificate of good standing granted by the state’s corporation commissioner. 

-A separate business account application. 

Some business accounts may provide payroll assistance, which can be invaluable in keeping initial costs down. 

3. If necessary, establish payroll services.

For some self-employed professionals, payroll may be handled through self-employment taxes, but for others professional payroll help will be necessary to handle taxes and more. 

4. And the MOST IMPORTANT PART: A Secure Data Room from Vault Rooms, Inc.

Last but not least, make sure your startup is secure with the help of a secure data vault room. 

While many small businesses choose to rely on Local Files or Google Drive to handle their early file sharing opportunities, there comes a time when a business is too big for these measures, and must shore up their crucial data.

Establishing a data room will make increasing data loads and the like easier to manage as your company and staff grows. Even better, if your business should be lucky enough to be considered for a merger or acquisition, a data room will be urgently necessary to handle the crucial information in any business dealing. 

Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit new companies, and as soon as investment begins flowing, they’ll take notice and either strike, or wait until they can take the most possible. Use Vault Rooms to protect your information and financial security, and shut out bad actors. 

Even better, using a secure data room for your business could decrease your need for business insurance. You will be able to give new employees and collaborators their own individual accounts, ensuring that they too are taking the necessary steps to protect the company’s vital information. 

But why hear it from us when we you can hear it from one of our happy customers?

“It was also simple for my staff. We didn’t have a lot of time to train up employees here and New valley to get them ready. So we had a lot of folks that just logged in for the first time and started using the platform!” — Bank Manager, K.M.

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About The Author

Karen Perkins is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vault Rooms, Inc. She is a troubleshooter, problem solver, and efficiency expert. Her career experiences have provided a broad foundation of skills that make her uniquely qualified to assist companies with their growth, transition, and operational improvement. She advocates for the use of simple and secure technology tools designed to make work and life easier with the Super S.M.A.R.T. Women platform. Likewise, her company, Vault Rooms, is a technology platform for the simple and secure sharing of business-critical files.