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Vault rooms for your organization

Digital Vaults for your organization

Digital Vaults for your Organization (Rotary and more!) |

Virtual Data Rooms (VDR’s) are changing the way business is run in the age of work-from-home, especially for organizations like Rotary International, and other professional development groups. When overseas hackers are more ready than ever to steal information shared over the web, the time is now to move your industry into the digital world. 

Vault Rooms Inc. is an industry leader in secure data room technology, and we want to bring your group into this state-of-the-art experience. 

This month Vault Rooms is offering a special trial to Rotary organizers and similar members, and want to get your chapter into the secure digital space. Read more to find out how we can help you, and when you’ve decided to make the switch, reach out to our sales team with the code ROTARY for a special discount. 

Are you currently using Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, or something similar?

Whether it’s dealing with lost files or members not being able to properly use file sharing sites, the initial difficulties are ever present. 

Vault Rooms specializes in round-the-clock customer support, for any level of user, and even on weekends and holidays. We can help your members access documents, upload information, and more, to give you more time for what you’re best at: running your organization chapter. 

When you grant access to a new program to your members, the result will be one of efficiency rather than headache. Don’t worry that your members, whether that number is ten or a hundred, will be calling you with questions. Instead, send them to us and we’ll take care of them! 

The Security Difference with Vault Rooms for your Organization/Chapter

When you consider how easy it can be for someone to hack your file sharing network, the need to change your software becomes crucial. 

While companies like Google and Dropbox have extensive encryption measures and more, the journey from computer to email can be fraught with challenges. Even massive groups like the Democratic Party have found themselves victim to phishing and fraud despite their heavy tech security.

With Vault Rooms, you won’t have to worry that a member will get their email hacked, or that an important file could be accidentally shared on Google Photos instead of Google Drive (it happens more often than you might expect!).  

Vault Rooms specializes in two-factor authentication, again backed up by our support lines that can address a security concern in a moment’s notice. With two-factor authentication, a user has to personally confirm their login status, and can’t be hacked without their permission. Moreover, unlike other platforms that offer similar security, a user that doesn’t understand the process won’t call you when you can direct them to us instead. 

Vault Rooms also utilizes Digital Rights Management, allowing you and your members to add extra security to files being shared outside of the network. This prevents things like easy copying/pasting, screenshotting, printing, and adds security with watermark tracing if necessary. – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served accounting firms, brokers, startups, real estate agents, banks, private equity firms, investment bankers, pharmaceutical companies, and more for the past 13 years. 

At Vault Rooms, we pride ourselves in making the digital world a safer place to work and interact, both globally and within the confines of your own workplace, and we look forward to guiding you into that world. 

So bring your Rotary or similar group chapter to us, and let’s start making progress again! Reach out to our sales team today and mention ROTARY for a trial for you and your members.