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How to Choose a Virtual Data Room

File sharing sites like Google Drive and Dropbox can be effective for small teams or hobbies, but when it comes to companies that want to have a secure and robust system, their effectiveness decreases. 

When you’re running a real estate business, bank, or even a startup, a secure digital vault is crucial to securing important documents and information. Your customers and clients will appreciate your professionalism and respect for the security of their information. 

But virtual data rooms (VDR’s) are numerous, and you may be overwhelmed by the amount of options available. So how do you know which one is right for your needs?

Vault Rooms, a People-First Business

There are any number of technical specifications that a potential VDR can try to sell you with, and we’ll get into these below, but: 

First and foremost, a VDR without an effective support team won’t be worth your money. 

Effective client support is everything to us at Vault Rooms, and we’ve served multiple industries over our 13 year history, ensuring that they have everything they need in their data rooms. 

Our primary goal is to provide clients with 24/7/365 support for just about anything they might need. This includes help locating files, which can bring a massive time savings, but also includes technical, security, and emotional support. 

Your data room can have every bell and whistle, but if their support team doesn’t match that commitment, you could find yourself up a river without a paddle. 

Digital Security Provided by Vault Rooms

Data Compartmentalization: Select multiple levels of access to an array of documents, and walk interested parties through any number of stages, from company personnel to financials and more. Make sure employees have access to all the information they need, and are barred from accessing private documents. 

Digital Security: Prevent easy copying and pasting of information, and make screenshots near impossible to perform on your documents. With intelligent watermarking, make sure that whoever gains access to your documents is accountable. No longer do you have to worry that someone might print and knock off your company work. 

Feedback: Vault Rooms can give you insights into what information has been accessed by interested parties, and more importantly, what information has fallen by the wayside. Keep track of what documents have been accessed by any number of clients or employees.

Flexible Pricing: No matter what size your operation may be, Vault Rooms practices simple and easy pricing policies so that you don’t find yourself trapped in a restrictive contract. Moreover, we currently offer a 14 day free trial to new customers! 

So much more: Visit our website for a full list of our abilities, especially in account management, AWS services, and digital rights management. 

Vault Rooms – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served startups, accounting firms, brokers, banks, pharmaceutical companies, real estate agents, private equity firms, investment bankers, and more for the past 13 years. 

At Vault Rooms, we pride ourselves in making the digital world a safer place to work and interact, both globally and within the confines of your own workplace, and we look forward to guiding you into that world. 

You’ll remember a time before and after you used Vault Rooms, and will wonder why it wasn’t always the case!