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How to use Virtual Data Rooms to Raise Startup Money

When a startup has spent enough time putting together a pitch deck, video, and website, it’s anyone’s guess why an early company wouldn’t choose to protect that information in a virtual vault room

Most startups choose to use Google Drive, Dropbox, and other free-to-use file sharing networks. Despite the obvious security risks in such an approach, these business owners fail to see that they look amateurish. 

When you invest in protecting and aligning your materials, potential investors will respect your efforts.

Vault Rooms is the industry leader in Vault Room technology, and our digital vaults can provide the bump your company needs to get off the ground. 

Compartmentalize Your Data 

When you tailor a pitch to a particular investor, you’ll pique their interest if nothing else. But that’s nearly impossible to do with a regular file sharing site. 

With Vault Rooms, it couldn’t be easier! 

Select multiple levels of access to an array of documents, and walk interested investors through any number of stages, from lookbook to company personnel and financials. 

At the same time, allow them to contribute documentation of their own, and turn what would normally be a one-way conversation into a true dialogue. 

In the same way, make information available to all degrees of company management. Save organizational documents for founders. Hire interns with limited access to crucial information. And work with vendors on a seamless and secure basis. 

Secure Your Ideas

When you pitch any number of angels or VC’s, you may come across someone who likes your idea, but thinks they can do better. While you’d prefer to keep your plans within a select group, sometimes you have to take a chance and branch out. Be prepared for anything.

While stealing an idea happens all the time, make sure that a potential thief can’t take all your hard work too. With Vault Rooms’ DRM (Digital Rights Management), you’ll be insulated from someone who could casually copy and paste your documents. 

Moreover, your investment in a secure vault room shows your potential partner how seriously you take the information therein, increasing your value in their eyes. 

Measure Your Effectiveness

Are investors reading all your documents? Are they scrolling and failing to take the information seriously?

In the same way that you could gauge these reactions in a face-to-face meeting, figure out where you may be gaining or losing access. Strategize and improve your deliverables as a result. 

Vault Rooms can give you insights into what information has been accessed by interested parties, and more importantly, what information has fallen by the wayside. 

Flexible Pricing

Choose a secure digital vault with the pricing flexibility of a file sharing site! 

While most consumers and startups opt for the simplicity of file sharing site pricing, they don’t realize that vault rooms have adopted similar pricing as well to meet consumer demand. For startups, we typically don’t require a large contract to get started. 

Contact us today and let us know what your needs are. We’ll work together to make sure you’re set up for success, and that every penny you put into your vault room membership will come back to you multifold. 

Vault Rooms – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served startups, brokers, banks, private equity firms, real estate agents, accounting firms, investment bankers, pharmaceutical companies, and more for the past 13 years. Startups of all kinds have trusted Vault Rooms to guide them forward and set them up for real success. 

At Vault Rooms, we pride ourselves in making the digital world a safer place to work and interact, both globally and within the confines of your own workplace, and we look forward to inducting your startup into that realm, and with 24/7 support to go along with it.