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Running your business through Dropbox/Drive during COVID? Read this first.

It’s not just Dropbox, it’s all basic file sharing sites

Whether it’s Dropbox, Drive, OneCloud, or Box, unprotected file sharing sites are putting your business security at risk, for many reasons:

  1. Basic sites don’t always utilize multi-factor authentication. A bad actor can break into just one employee’s account and steal everything.
  2. File sharing sites don’t require watermarking of files, allowing a file to be leaked anonymously.
  3. These sites don’t have personal staff on hand to assist if a file gets lost, or you suspect something is wrong.

Secure Vault Rooms are your solution

Vault Rooms are completely digital sources for your company’s many files, but unlike a file sharing site, Vault Rooms are secure, accessible, and have help available around the clock.

Virtual Vault Rooms provide layers of security for your business, which is crucial in times when digital hackers and competitors have more time and access than ever to break into your files.

As your company moves its operations into the virtual world, how are you protecting yourself and your employees? If you’re not using digital Vault Rooms, you’re exposing yourself to criminal activity.

Security That Lasts

Access is crucial in any business transaction, data transfer, or internal audit, but access must be accompanied by security. Sometimes companies choose to cut corners in order to speed up processes, and using Dropbox (et al.) is that mistake in a nutshell.

Don’t try to cut corners. Take the necessary steps. Trust secure digital Vault Rooms.

As face-to-face interactions become less numerous, let us do the heavy lifting in bringing together the resources needed, so your business can stay in motion. Our security reaches far beyond even state-of-the-art approaches, especially encrypted login access, digital rights management (DRM), and the aforementioned dynamic watermarking.

There is no limit to which criminals will go to steal your information and harm your business. Shifting your business to a secure digital vault is a shift that will benefit you today and years into the future, even after pandemic fears subside.

Vault Rooms – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served accountants, private equity firms, banks, brokers, investment bankers, and more, for the past 13 years. We work 24/7/365, with access to every piece of documentation you need.

Secure digital Vault Rooms lead the industry in ensuring businesses both large and small are able to continue running in both times of national crisis and times of wellbeing. Join the hundreds of businesses who have already trusted us with their crucial documents, and invest in yourself and the future of your company.