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V-Rooms Immune to Dropbox and Box Web Link Vulnerability

May 8, 2014

V-Rooms™ Virtual Data Rooms announces that the newly discovered web link vulnerability affecting both Dropbox and does not affect users of the V-Rooms document exchange platform. The vulnerability, which was discovered by security researcher Graham Cluley, enables unauthorized users to see files within Dropbox or if users share a file with a link. Anyone who obtains the link can access the shared document or folder. Private documents have been further exposed in Google searches because of direct URL links to shared documents within these generic file sharing applications.

“Security is our top priority at V-Rooms™,” said Dan Bradbary, CEO of V-Rooms™. “All of the files in our secure document sharing platform are protected from the ‘leaky URL’ vulnerability that is plaguing Dropbox and This latest security breach again shows that it is risky to trust mission critical documents with generic file sharing programs.”

In addition to allowing secured files to only be shared with people that the file owner has explicitly allowed, V-Rooms has several additional layers of protection when compared with or Dropbox. V-Rooms allows admins to control who has the ability to print and save documents and with V-Rooms™ “Undo” feature, admins can revoke access, even after the document has been downloaded. At that point, the removed user will not have the ability to open, delete, share, or edit the file.

V-Rooms™ clients also have the option to embed a confidential watermark as a digital layer on top of PDF documents. This dynamic watermark includes the user’s name and the date, time and IP address at the moment of access. If the file is leaked, the source can be easily identified.

“Documents on the V-Rooms platform are never shared as fully clickable URLs which is the source of this ‘leaky URL’ vulnerability,” said Karen Perkins, President of V-Rooms™. “Generic file sharing services, like Dropbox and Box, are not designed with business consumers and document confidentiality in mind; therefore, they don’t view ease of sharing as a vulnerability. As a solution provider for businesses and professionals, we’re confident in our ability to provide a best in class technology platform for our clients which include medical, legal, finance, and real estate professionals who need to maintain secure control of their document sharing.”

About V-Rooms™:

V-Rooms™ provides a cloud-based, customizable virtual data room (VDR) solution that is designed to streamline document management, collaboration, exchange and archiving for financial, legal and corporate professionals. The V-Rooms™ Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) secure document portal facilitates the secure exchange of sensitive information providing compliant and auditable transactions. V-Rooms™ enables the acceleration of complex, information-intensive processes while reducing the time and expenses associated with data distribution, courier, printing and travel. Additional information can be found at here.


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