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V-Rooms Board Portal Announces iPad Compatibility

Thursday, September 29, 2011 9:50 am ET

Summary: The V-Rooms Virtual Board Portal now features iPad compatibility, which will provide board members with an easily accessible yet highly secure Internet-based electronic board book platform for managing director level communications and activities.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 29, 2011 — V-Rooms(TM) Virtual Board Portal, a product of Due Diligence Online, LLC, has launched its popular program in a format that is easily accessible on the iPad, which is gaining popularity in boardrooms on a global basis.

The iPad’s user-friendly features have increased the interest of directors and executive team members in online board portals as a way to facilitate communication among members of a company’s senior leadership team. Companies have found that the iPad’s simplicity, ease-of-use and portability make it an ideal tool for providing access to electronic board books. Most directors who, in the past, have insisted upon the paper based board books are welcoming the advantages and accessibility offered by the iPad.

In most instances during a board meeting, the board book is projected on a screen, while board members access the board book and any personal notes on their iPads. Although iPads are becoming the most popular device to access board portals, board members can still access board portals using a laptop or even a netbook. In essence, once a company decides to use a virtual board portal, directors have the liberty of choosing what device they use.

“We are excited to now offer our V-Rooms solution, which include both our V-Rooms Virtual Board Portal and our V-Rooms Virtual Data Room (VDR) platform on the iPad,” said Dan Bradbary, CEO of V-Rooms. “We are seeing the ongoing acceptance of secure cloud-based technology continue to accelerate, especially given the flexibility and mobility offered by tools like the iPad.”

Corporate governance is becoming increasingly more complicated. Board members, along with their associated committees, executives and outside consultants generate and share highly sensitive information relating to topics such as strategic alliances, potential acquisitions, compensation and litigation. Our iPad-based Virtual Board Portals can help companies meet the stricter regulatory requirements, with features such as electronic paper trails, multiple security layers and record retention features.


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