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V-Rooms Launches Quick Virtual Data Room Set-up Program

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summary: Clients of V-Rooms take advantage of the rapid virtual data room set-up program which allows for hundreds, possibly thousands of files and users to be uploaded within hours.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 24, 2011 — V-Rooms, a product of Due Diligence Online, LLC launches a combined program for the rapid upload of folders/files and the deployment of this information to a vast audience of selected users. Using our combined program, thousands of files and hundreds of users can be set-up within a half a day

The V-Rooms Optimized Loading Tool (VOLT)is a PC based application that allows for the quick selection of folders and/or documents from an administrator’s computer for upload into a Virtual Data Room. VOLT works like a wizard with step-by-step instructions for folder/document selection and upload. The administrator can either upload entire folders and the documents contained within those folders to the virtual data room, or he can upload selected documents to an existing folder. Using this process, thousands of files can be uploaded into a virtual data room within a few hours.

In combination with our rapid file upload program, the administrator is also able to import an extensive list of proposed users from a spreadsheet template to quickly create user names. The users are then notified by the administrator, via a custom email, of their access to the virtual data room, along with the assignment of their temporary password which the user will be prompted to change upon initial login. With this “batch user creation” approach, the administrator is able to set-up and immediately notify hundreds of users within a couple of hours.

“These enhancements are in direct response to requests from our clients who need the ability to rapidly create a workspace for a new project or transaction. Also, this is especially important for those clients who are migrating from other virtual data room providers,” said Dan Bradbary, CEO of V-Rooms. “For those clients who are moving to V-Rooms, as part of our 12-Hour program, we are able to offer internal resources to assure that the transition moves quickly and seamlessly.”

In today’s economic environment, domestic and global deals happen quickly. The management tools that support these transactions must also be able to adapt to this rapid-fire environment, while still maintaining the essential security controls for the documents and intellectual property contained within their virtual data rooms. At V-Rooms, we continuously focus on our clients requirements in order to respond to this ever-changing regulatory and security landscape.


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