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Real Estate Agents need a Virtual Data Room

Data Rooms for Real Estate Agents and Brokers (Secure Data Room Free Trial)

With any industry, time is money, but in the world of real estate, time not spent with clients or on deals quite literally hurts your bottom line. You should be showing homes, speaking with clients, or fielding potential offers, not searching for paperwork or tracking down missing information. 

Even more so, with real estate, speed is key, which means you need software that protects crucial information in times when top speed is necessary. Usually, quick movement can lead to lost data or unprotected information, but not with Vault Rooms, Inc. at your side. 

Vault Rooms is a secure data room used by real estate professionals for over a decade, which prioritizes security and ease of access to ensure that deals can be arranged quickly and securely, and additionally to make sure you never misplace any documents or pertinent information. 

So whether you practice brokering, commercial, or residential real estate, try out a free trial of Vault Rooms today, and see what you’ve been missing out on, relying on less savory options that can expose data or leave you unsupported if you call for help. 

Data Rooms Needed for Real Estate and Commercial Deals | Vault Rooms, Inc.

“It’s been a big sales opportunity for us and has helped us increase the number of clients we have as well.” – K.M., Bank Manager

When you begin fielding offers for a residence, you may use email, dropbox, or person-to-person interactions. Or at least, you used to. COVID has changed the way we do business and forced more renters into the homeownership market all at once. 

You need a secure way to digitally make deals, and in fractions of the time you used to. A data room is perfect for such a case. So join Vault Rooms’s family of data rooms and get ready to take your business to the next level, whether with old or new clients. 

Share important financial and residential information with multiple potential buyers at once. Use Vault Rooms portals to gather information on each buyer, and what they’d be willing to pay for the property in question. Then, knowing the information is secure, collate all the information into one place, and have that information readily available in one secure and shareable location. 

Client Satisfaction and Legally Required Security for Peace of Mind

Your clients expect a level of professionalism whenever you show a house or an office space, so deliver that same degree of professionalism online with a secure data room from Vault Rooms. 

Cybersecurity is more crucial now than ever, as hackers, phishers, and ransomware has increased exponentially since the start of the remote working phase. Even more so, most secure data rooms don’t provide the support you need in moments of concern or if you’ve lost a file. Vault Rooms, however, will provide both, around the clock and every day of the week or year. 

Vault Rooms provides the best and most customizable series of security measures combined with sharing abilities. You can lock or unlock the ability to copy and paste documents, log into accounts, and compartmentalize client information with other members of your practice.

Data Rooms that are Pandemic ready and Data Rooms for realtors who need tech help

It’s likely that the world will never go back to the way it was, and that the homeownership boom may continue long into the future, while commercial spaces transform for a new workforce. Whatever the case may be, remote deals will be all the more common, which is why having Vault Rooms at your fingertips is a must. 

We’re here to help 24/7/365, just like you are with your clients. We can set up your custom data room to your liking, and assist you with management any day of the year. 

Whether you’re working with someone on the other side of the world, or in your own neighborhood, security and ease of access are both equally important, and that’s our mission here at Vault Rooms. 

So call us today, and let us put an end to your data room troubles!