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Protecting Your Business From Digital Threats as you Move Online

Whether the result of COVID’s course thus far, or due to changes of colder weather on the horizon, you may be preparing to move your small business into a remote scenario, or seeking higher security when doing so. Whether your company handles health documents, intellectual property, or financial secrets, trust Vault Rooms to provide the virtual data room that will best serve your business needs. 

A data room is like a file sharing site and information vault all-in-one, hence our name, Vault Rooms. Hackers have become so smart in the past few years, evading even the best security measures from the largest tech companies in the world. Vault Rooms heads off hackers where they thrive, whether they’re phishing, using malware, or physically present in your offices. 

Vault Rooms provides data room solutions for accounting firms, investment bankers, real estate agents, and much more. For over 10 years, we’ve committed to protecting large and small business owners alike from threats both internal and external, thanks to the wonders of data room technology and secure data virtual data room innovation. 


TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION — Instead of relying on passwords that can be hard to remember, or passwords that are easy to remember and steal as a result, two factor authentication means that when you log in, YOU are the one logging into your data room. 

Moreover, data rooms with 2FA can alert you when someone is trying to access your accounts against your will, whether with malintent or internal mistake.

DRM/DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT — Whether the material in question is a design, patent, or financial document, DRM provides your data room through Vault Rooms with intelligent ways to combat intellectual property theft. 

With DRM, your secure virtual data room will prevent bad apples from easily copying, pasting, and sharing sensitive information outside of a one-on-one setting, whether purposefully or by mistake. So many security breaches happen because of mistakes with other clients, which is why Vault Rooms is dedicated to your protection.  

COMPARTMENTALIZED VIRTUAL DATA PROTECTION — While Vault Rooms’ data room software provides excellent encryption to protect against external threats, we also provide barriers against other intra-company problems. A good actor can turn into a bad actor as soon as the opportunity presents itself, which is why Vault Rooms gives you the ability to access and insulate problematic users or client accounts with the push of a button or by picking up the phone. 

24/7 SUPPORT SERVICES — One of Vault Rooms’ biggest advantages is our constant vigilance and ability to assist you any time of day. If you suspect your data room may be at risk, or want to take action on a suspected threat, you can pick up the phone and we’ll be there to help. 

Try that on Google Drive and see how far you get! 


“Each individual case file is private. And I feel very secure having that customer data with Vault Rooms.” — Kate M., SVP, Bank & Trust

Don’t take risks when it comes to the lifeblood of your business: security and information. 

Vault Rooms is your solution to an affordable yet industry-leading secure data room (or virtual data room), and will pay itself back within your first days of use through other services like file location assistance, setup assistance, and professional file sharing capabilities for mergers, acquisitions, and more. 

About Vault Rooms

For more than 14 years, Vault Rooms has been an industry-leading cloud-based virtual data room provider, proudly facilitating tens of thousands of global M&A transactions across a wide range of industries. Business brokers, accountants, investment bankers, attorneys, private equity firms, doctors, hospitals, and banks can safely collect, organize, share and track business-critical documents on the Vault Rooms platform 24/7/365.

About The Author

Karen Perkins is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vault Rooms, Inc. She is a troubleshooter, problem solver, and efficiency expert. Her career experiences have provided a broad foundation of skills that make her uniquely qualified to assist companies with their growth, transition, and operational improvement. She advocates for the use of simple and secure technology tools designed to make work and life easier with the Super S.M.A.R.T. Women platform. Likewise, her company, Vault Rooms, is a technology platform for the simple and secure sharing of business-critical files.