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Digital Security

Is Google Drive safe for secure file storage?

You might be wondering if online file storage sites like Google Drive are safe for your company or personal files. While services like Google Drive are secure to some extent, these sites are formatted for ease of file sharing, which may not be the right fit for your business.

Vault Rooms is a digital vault, and we prioritize security over ease of access in ways that Google Drive, Dropbox, or other file sharing sites may not. Whatever your needs may be, even if you are looking to share files online, using a digital vault is crucial in terms of protecting vital information.

In a comparison between Google Drive and Vault Rooms, you will be able to see quickly how many safety and encryption factors go into a Vault Rooms account, and how we can make your digital vault room experience one that will last you for years to come.

The Vault Rooms Difference — How Google Drive does or doesn’t protect files

Vault Rooms has worked with companies and individuals across all industries, and whether you need files and info preserved for confidentiality reasons or internal security and backups, you’ll find that Vault Rooms can provide the following:

  1. At all times, Vault Rooms will keep an eye on your content, providing tech support at any time of day or night, all by just picking up the phone or chatting us. Even with the higher echelons of Google Drive accounts, you may not receive that support.
  2. On individual files and documents, a user with Vault Rooms can specify what level of security they want to utilize. That means you can watermark a file before sharing it, use Digital Rights Management (DRM) to prevent copy/pasting, or require two-factor authentication for file viewing.
  3. Vault Rooms can make sure that your account or account network is set up to best suit your organization, which isn’t a service that Google Drive provides automatically.

Vault Rooms Features | Security that Google Drive May not Have

In a year so dependent on remote work as our current one, you don’t want to risk your crucial company files falling victim to hacking, phishing, or a leak by an unwitting contractor. Take charge of your digital security, and fight back against those who wish to act criminally.

Google Drive may not provide proper permissions when it comes time for another internal member or an external contractor to review documentation. Vault Rooms provides any level of permissions you could want to utilize, and we make sure that your information is protected outside and from within.

Vault Rooms also provides two-factor authentication, which makes sure that even with a username and password, a hacker can’t steal information from you or your employees, thanks to our secure digital vault setup.

Even better, in addition to round-the-clock support, Vault Rooms’ support network can help you locate files that you think may be lost or compromised. That means saving you time and valuable resources!

Vault Rooms – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served bankers, accountants, banks, private equity firms, investment brokers, and more, for the past 13 years. We work every day of the calendar year, with access to every piece of documentation you need.

Vault Rooms leads the secure digital vault industry in ensuring businesses can operate online with the confidence that their important documents are safe. There is no limit to which criminals will go to steal your information and harm your business, so shifting into a more secure program like Vault Rooms will pay dividends in the long term.