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data security for personnel records


Small companies and large companies have plenty in common, especially the need for effective personnel management and security on-boarding new talent. 

Whether infrastructure, application security, or personnel security are your concern, Vault Rooms is here to serve your needs. 

Consider whether your current data room provider will cover the following areas when you’re looking to secure the people you work with today and will work with down the road. 


Pre-employment Screening: When an employee sends records for employment, salary, and other disclosures, you want to make sure that their information will be just as safe as anyone who currently works for your company. This is especially important if the potential employee is supplying confidential information, as new employees frequently do. Keep on-boarding secure and make sure social security numbers, signatures, and family information are kept under digital lock and key. 

Background Checks: Even more important in the on-boarding process is a background check, but this information must be kept even more securely than the potential employee’s other information. They allow you to perform the background check with the trust that you will keep that information secure. But, if those results get shared with anyone else in the company, you could find yourself in major trouble. Trust a secure vault room to handle background checks properly instead.

Non-Disclosure Agreements: A pain in the neck when starting out, NDA’s can become vital later down the road, should an employee speak to the press about confidential company information. Make sure that your HR department doesn’t lose such information by streamlining the NDA process through a vault room. Our staff at Vault Rooms works around the clock and is available 24/7 to conjure any document you’ve stored with us. 

Comprehensive Staff Training: When on-boarding new hires, the information about how to perform certain tasks may be the secret to your business operation. So don’t let training materials slip out of your hands and land in the lap of someone who wants to make a facsimile of your company process. Moreover, staff training may encounter uncomfortable topics, or sensitive company information, and with Vault Rooms you can rest assured that your information is being protected and/or digitally watermarked.  

Quality and Access Control Procedures: Know when and exactly how your new employees can access information, and without the hassle of creating new accounts for them once they’ve already used a vault room to access their application process. 

SECURITY MEASURES | Secure Digital Vault Rooms

Digital Rights Management: Prevents copying and pasting information from documents, as well as downloading and printing of documents that should remain in company possession. 

Two-Factor Authentication: Question-and-answer securities to ensure that the person logging in is who they claim to be. 

Compartmentalized Data Protection: Even between the same level of new employees, ensure that each member of the personnel have access to only the files that they should access. 

24/7/365 Support: Whenever you’ve lost a document, you want to ensure document security, or any other factors, our specialists are always on hand to provide the support you need.

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