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virtual data room and data security


Whether requested by a client, a vendor, or a regulatory agency, you may need a digital data room with specific certifications and safety specs. Look no farther than Vault Rooms for your solutions when you need top level application security. 

Whether infrastructure, application security, or personnel security are your concern, Vault Rooms is here to serve your needs. 

Consider whether your data room will cover the following areas when you’re searching for a company with the right application security specs.  


Multiple User Security Access Levels: Popular with companies concerned with internal security and HR firms, security access provides insular protection. No longer could a bad actor within your network easily pretend to be someone else and gain access to pertinent information. 

Individualized Security Sections: Do you have access to even more security customization than user access level settings? With Vault Rooms, we aim to provide just that, and more. Individualized security sections are great for interim employees, visiting vendors, and temporary informational disclosures. You won’t need to look over your visitor’s shoulder when we can do that for you!

Encrypted Password Protection: External bad actors are always attempting to steal passwords, because just one exposed code can open them up to a whole system. Ransomware’s favorite exploitation is the exposed password. Don’t fall victim to external threats with the help of encrypted password protection. An extra layer of security on your passwords makes guessing a line of text useless for a hacker. 

Customizable Password Policy: Want to make sure an employee or contractor can’t put their pet’s name in their login, leaving your company open to a hack? Then apply a custom password policy, and make sure that only certain combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols can be used. 

Multi-factor Authentication: With growing use on collegiate campuses, multi-factor authentication can sometimes pain users. Luckily, Vault Rooms ensures a seamless process, making sure that the added security of question-and-answer logins doesn’t conflict with users’ ease of access, greatly improving your degree of security. 

User Account Inactivation Capabilities: In the same way that you can grant permissions to users, there may come a time when a user has been compromised, or wishes to compromise your security. In such an instance, Vault Rooms or a system administrator may inactivate a user account, eradicating further chances of damage from the user. 

Document Print and Download Controls: As part of Vault Room’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) protections, a user can have their ability to download or print a file reduced. While anyone who can view a file may still be able to copy it illegally, this provides increased security for large documents and accidental proliferation that might accompany a more simplistic file sharing system. 

Dynamic Watermarking: While printing or downloading a document can still be performed by a bad actor with a camera or smartphone, dynamic watermarking can allow you to track the leak and plug the loss of data, sometimes without the bad actor’s realizing they’ve been tracked. 

Vault Rooms – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served medical companies, real estate agents, investment bankers, hedge fund managers, startups, private equity firms, brokers, entertainment companies, and more for the past 13 years. Invest in your company’s future by investing in your company’s present. 

We pride ourselves in making the digital world a safer place to work and interact, from a global level to the confines of your own office, and we look forward to guiding you to a place of informational security, with all the benefits that accompany that.