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Virtual Data Security and working remotely


Over the past few weeks, businesses across the country and around the world have realized that their employees don’t need to drive across town, take up parking space, and physically come into work every day when they can just as easily work from home, saving their time and the company’s overhead.

But as companies move into the virtual marketplace, and decide to remain there, businesses should realize the looming threat of cyber crime that will result from such a transition.

Using file sharing sites, emails, and even phone conversations don’t elicit a totally secure digital business environment.

Instead, consider moving co-workers, important files, and more to a Secure Virtual Data Room from Vault Rooms, a company that’s protected businesses and customers alike for over 10 years.

HOW WE PROTECT YOU | Secure Vault Rooms

-Digital Rights Management: When you share a file with someone else in another place, especially someone who doesn’t directly work for your company, how can you ensure that the data stays secure and that they’re held accountable?

Whether you’re transmitting financial information, patent material, or product designs, using DRM will allow you to protect your confidential information, and to ensure that you’re not dealing with someone who can leak or steal the documents.

Two Factor Authentication: It’s far easier for a bad actor to hack a virtual system when it’s only protected by a Google account or something similar. When you use Vault Rooms, we make sure when you log in, it’s actually YOU.

Multiple factor authentication and logins can get annoying with other providers, but we make it seamless to secure your information with Vault Rooms.

Compartmentalized Data Protection: When you share a document with a third party member, do you know what other documents they’re able to access?

If the answer is no, then you absolutely need the services provided by Vault Rooms, Inc.

When you can customize compartmentalization, it makes business easier for the viewer of your files or file folders, and gives you the peace of mind that they can’t access something that they don’t have permissions to access.

-24/7 Support: When you think something is amiss with your Vault Room, or you’ve misplaced a file, Vault Rooms is here to support. With round-the-clock experts able to help, you’re no longer alone in your efforts to secure your data.

Vault Rooms – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served investment bankers, private equity firms, accounting firms, banks, brokers, real estate agents, and more, for the past 13 years. Invest in your company’s future by investing in your company’s present.

We pride ourselves in making the digital world a safer place to work and interact, and we look forward to inducting your company into that realm, with all the benefits that accompany it.