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Secure Data Storage

Protecting your business, organization, or government from Ransomware with Virtual Data Rooms

Ransomware can strike at any time, and has become pervasive in our increasingly digital world. Even seasoned government officials like mayors and governor’s offices have fallen prey to overseas thieves trying to steal them blind.

Criminality has advanced far beyond the Nigerian Prince scams of the early 21st century. Now, hackers have been smart enough to weed their way into your accounts with a little elbow grease. That’s right, by just changing one letter in an email address, or the source account (gmail, hotmail, et al.), anyone from any part of the world can pretend to be someone you know, and harm your company for it.

How It Happens | Business Ransomware Protection | Government Protection

It could be the mayor. It could be an assistant. It could be a summer intern. No matter who’s in your organization, everyone from top to bottom who can access your files opens you up to criminality.

Cyber criminals “phish” when they attempt to steal login information from any member of your office. But, they don’t steal from that user, they steal from the whole company.

Once a mole gains access to an account, they will download and conceal your entire file system, gigabytes and gigabytes’ worth, until they have a complete copy of everything your company or office works from. Then, they’ll either delete the original files, password protect them, or remove your access.

Now, they hold all the cards. Even if you have a physical backup of your files, are you going to spend thousands of man hours digitizing every piece of paper? No.

Business owners get an email, threatening them: pay up or you lose everything.

It’s a terrible crime, and while the government works tirelessly to take down criminals of this sort, there are always more out there. What can you do about it?

Vault Rooms | The Safer Way | Protect Your Digital Files

While a culprit can copy and paste files out of a shared folder or Dropbox file, they can’t get close to us.

Virtual Data Rooms are your solution when you want to protect your company from cyber crime. While it only takes one password for a criminal to freeze your entire organization, we make it far more difficult for a mole to access your secure files, and nearly impossible for them to do mass harm as a result.

No longer do you have to fear the threats from abroad and attempts by bad actors to steal your living. Take faith in Virtual Vault Rooms.

Safeguards Against Theft

A combination of safeguarding by Vault Rooms Inc. and your own company will leave you protected for years to come.

Vault Rooms Measures:
-Digital Rights Management
-Dynamic Watermarking
-Secure Login Access
-24/7 Support and Monitoring

Measures your company/organization can take:
-Online safety orientation for staff members
-Avoiding use of file sharing sites and networks
-Keeping files on site, and requiring local presence to access them
-Pervasive digital backups of every available file in physical form (like an external flash drive)

Vault Rooms – A Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Vault Rooms has served accountants, private equity firms, banks, brokers, investment bankers, and more, for the past 13 years. We work 24/7/365, with access to every piece of documentation you need.

Secure digital Vault Rooms lead the industry in ensuring businesses both large and small are able to continue running in both times of national crisis and times of wellbeing. Join the hundreds of businesses who have already trusted us with their crucial documents, and invest in yourself and the future of your company.