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How Much Is “Just 1GB” of Data?

We recognize that comparisons between Virtual Data Room providers can sometimes be challenging, since providers determine pricing by the page, by the file, by the user, etc.

At Vault Rooms, we take a very straightforward approach to pricing. All we need to know are the required program features and data storage capacity necessary to complete your project. We encourage our clients to save money by only purchasing features and storage that are necessary. We believe in simplicity…. the right amount of users, administrators and storage.

Often, we have clients initially convinced that they need a virtual with data room storage of 25GB, 50GB or even higher. With today’s data storage technology, it is truly difficult to gauge “size” from a physical document perspective. To help you assess the amount of storage you need, we have prepared the following comparison.

Please consider the following:

20 pages = 1 file = 1 MB

2,000 pages = 100 files = 1 Bankers Box = 100 MB

20,000 pages = 1,000 files = 10 Bankers Boxes = 1 GB

So do you really have a 50 GB requirement? …enough paper to fill a truck with 500 bankers boxes?

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