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What Makes Good Customer Service?

Almost any service-based company you come across boasts about their customer service as being entirely dedicated to providing you an amazing experience. But as we know all too well, this is rarely the case. 

What are some of the qualities that make one provider’s customer service superior to the rest? Listed below are some qualities that one might look for in determining a service provider that can work flexibly to support your organization’s needs.

Around-the-Clock Customer Service

It’s important to make sure your provider is available at all times of the day, even when it seems unlikely you’ll ever need to call them at the crack of dawn. Sometimes, hours run late, deadlines are pushed, and the workplace becomes a temporary homestead for weeks at a time. On these occasions, having access to 24/7 customer service can mitigate the risk of running across errors and losing the potential productivity of hours at a time.

Low Response Time

Even if you know that your service provider is available 24/7 for support needs, you need to look for their average response time and see how soon, or how long, it takes for user needs to be addressed. Around-the-clock service doesn’t mean much when it takes hours at a time for a single question to be answered. What makes a good service provider is the combination of 24/7 service with a low response time.

No Transfer Calls

We’ve all experienced the dreaded customer service transfer cycle when we set out to call one number only to wait 30 minutes and be forwarded to another number. Good customer service sets out to address your needs here and now. This means no information outsourcing, no in-house confusion, and no waiting in a handful of queues to have your problems solved.

Detailed Documentation

So you’ve found a service provider that is able to work with your schedule, respond quickly, and get the job done without hassle. Now it’s important to check for the provision of documentation, such as videos, tutorials, and FAQs. There’s not just one correct way to address the needs of a customer, and successful customer service programs will outline the majority of client needs in an easily accessible format online.

You can see that there’s a level of depth in choosing a superior customer service experience. Each of these components work together, and it would be altogether detrimental to the system if one were missing.

World Class Security and Customer Service

At Vault Rooms, we not only provide state-of-the-art virtual data rooms that help our clients keep their business-critical files safe, but we also provide the finest in customer support with around-the-clock customer care specialists trained to engage with thousands of clients.

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