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How to Avoid Information Leaks

As popular news suggests, information leaks could easily lead to the compromise of extremely valuable data that was not meant to be viewed publicly.

Preventing this is a matter of paramount importance for any firm, regardless of its shape and size. It’s always important to be extra cautious when you’re exchanging business-critical documents and other files containing sensitive information with multiples parties.

One of the biggest user oversights in cybersecurity is the trust people place in large-scale email service providers to stay secure at all times. While many people rightfully trust email providers to deliver their emails at fast speeds, the same reliability cannot be spoken for as it relates to email security.


An Alternative to Email

For firms that need to circulate highly-sensitive information between multiple parties, virtual data rooms are a wise solution. The multitude of highly-customizable security settings and document management features that these virtual ‘fortresses’ provide make them much more immune to cyber threats.

Mitigating the Risk of Information Leaks

Every company has confidential information being transmitted and shared in one form or another. This information ranges from financial, HR and payroll records, customer lists, price lists, to transaction documents and highly-sensitive intellectual property.

Virtual data rooms can prevent the interception of these valuable documents, as well as restrict end-users from sharing the information with others. For firms that value a secure and collaborative environment, Virtual Data Rooms (or VDRs) are crucial in optimizing efficiency and mitigating risk.

Data rooms alleviate the email security risks of transferring sensitive information, keeping it out of the hands of unwanted recipients.  Data rooms are being used as a replacement to risky email transmissions in many fields and industries, including M&A, real estate, wealth management, board communications, and venture capital transactions.

Looking for a virtual data room to keep your business-critical files safe? We at Vault Rooms are here to help you find a solution that perfectly fits your needs.