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The Unpredictable Path of Valuable Data

With technology increasingly permeating all industries, the risk that unwarranted access to valuable data may be granted has significantly increased.

Prior to the digital age, a hard copy was the only key available to unlock a treasure trove of company information.

Feeding the Competition

When it comes to cybersecurity, there’s a particular scenario, or range of scenarios, that focus on the danger that key information might be obtained and leveraged by competitors in the industry.

Consider this: you’re dealing with a potential client, and thus, are obligated to share valuable data. Meanwhile, this client is also considering the offers of several other competitors. At the end of the day, the client decides to go with the firm you’ve been battling head-to-head for years.

And now they’re walking away with all of your secrets.

This situation might sound cynical, but consider the issue at hand. When working with people, ripe with their own aspirations and intentions, it’s hard to rely on trust to ensure that your sensitive information isn’t being tossed around the industry.

That’s where Digital Rights Management, or DRM, comes in handy.

Control Valuable Data

DRM at its most fundamental level allows administrators to restrict different levels of access to a document while still allowing the content to be shared.

This offers a wide range of possibilities and allows you as a company representative to feel secure in sharing your resources with potential customers.

Some DRM services offer the unique capability to restrict printing or viewing after a certain date. Tying it back to the situation above, this means that if a potential client walks out the door, they’re leaving your data behind.

This useful security system doesn’t just apply to documents, either. DRM is used by every reputable streaming service to ensure that rogue users can’t illegally download and share videos straight from the source.

When partnered correctly with your system, DRM can be a huge money-saver whether you’re dealing with transactions, file sharing, or providing virtually any form of content over the web.

With proper digital rights management, your due diligence information and intellectual property can be protected while still permitting the level of flexibility that you require.

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