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V-Rooms Announces Partnership with

May 30, 2012

V-Rooms Virtual Data Rooms announced today that it has partnered with to provide a secure, regulation compliant information portal for usage in the ESOP process. is a community of multi-disciplinary ESOP experts assisting business owners with their ownership transition. An ESOP or Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a process of transferring ownership from a company’s original owner(s) to its employees while providing methods for the business owner to retain some control during the process. ESOP plans also allow businesses to share their value with key employees, and they operate as both a retention plan and exit strategy.

V-Rooms will provide clients with a secure document sharing platform that provides a full audit trail of information access and document movement throughout the ESOP process. This will allow the team that clients select with to easily manage the due diligence phase of the ESOP process and significantly reduce the ESOP implementation timetable.

“We see this partnership as a natural extension of the services we have been providing for years,” said Dan Bradbary, CEO of V-Rooms. “The due diligence phase of an ESOP implementation is much the same as an M&A transaction, and we’re excited to be able to bring our experience in this area of a transaction to the ESOP experts working with” allows current owners to select a team of advisors; set them up with their V-Rooms ESOP due diligence room; perform valuation, compensation, legal, and tax analyses; develop an ESOP transition plan; and then enact that plan.

“Our team is so excited to partner with V-Rooms as they are the most well respected data room provider in the country. They have bent over backwards to help us integrate their processes with ours, making for an exciting offering for our users and providers,” said Jack Veale, President of ESOP Marketplace. “Their easy to use templates, their history of working with advisors and their clients, along with online support made it an easy selection for us in supporting our community’s transactional needs.”

About is a community of multi-disciplined ESOP experts who have a successful history of assisting business owners with their ownership transition. is designed to guide business owners and their local advisors or key managers to select the best ESOP advisors to ensure a smooth and efficient ownership transition process. Beyond ESOP transition, ESOP Marketplace provides a first-of-its-kind online community for the management of ESOP businesses and promotion of the concepts of employee ownership. can help business owners and their employees reach their goals & expectations.

About V-Rooms:

V-Rooms provides a cloud-based, customizable virtual data room (VDR) solution that is designed to streamline document management, collaboration, exchange and archiving for financial, legal and corporate professionals. The V-Rooms Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) secure document portal facilitates the secure exchange of sensitive information providing compliant and auditable transactions. V-Rooms enables the acceleration of complex, information-intensive processes while reducing the time and expenses associated with data distribution, courier, printing and travel. Additional information can be found at


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