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V-Rooms Decreases Incident Response Times

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Summary: V-Rooms Virtual Data Rooms and Cloud Document Storage announces an immediate response tool which allows employees to work effectively from their homes in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 30, 2011 — V-Rooms new immediate response tool provides a cloud-based business continuity solution that may be implemented within hours at the time of the disaster as part of the initial incident response to meet aggressive recovery time objectives (RTO’s).

Throughout 2011 corporations have been impacted by an increased level of both natural and man-made disasters that have affected the workplace, limiting employees’ ability to work in their normal office environment. V-Rooms has responded with an immediate, secure online solution so that employees can continue working effectively from their home computers or alternate locations.

This virtual data room (VDR) solution allows immediate, secure access to critical documents by employees and authorized external parties, while all file activity is thoroughly monitored.

Earthquakes, winter storms, droughts, tornados, wildfires and floods resulted in 2011 being an Extreme and Exhausting Year. These disasters had a major impact on many small to mid-sized businesses located in the affected areas. Remembering the swine flu scare during 2009 and its impact is not a distant memory. These incidents tend to render offices either totally unusable or only partially accessible to their employees.

“Our program is essentially a workplace ‘insurance policy’ which can be set-up within just a few hours even without pre-planning. This approach provides an excellent platform for securely storing, retrieving, and collaborating on business documents,” said Dan Bradbary, CEO of Due Diligence Online, LLC, parent company of V-Rooms . “Rather than emailing confidential documents back and forth, our solution provides high levels of security while enabling easy access to the information by any authorized party.”

From an IT perspective, our V-Rooms virtual data room solution has features that enable companies to store documents in an organized way and access them over the Internet 24/7, using the same encryption technology employed in online banking. Personnel are able to continue to work together and collaborate on projects with reduced levels of face-to-face interaction. Access to individual documents, folders or libraries by work-from- home employees may then be controlled on a per-user basis. Additionally, management has granular reporting of file and employee activity which is essential for maintaining productivity in a telework or work-from-home scenario.


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