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V-Rooms™ Announces 2010 Revenue Up 55%

North Carolina (Vocus/PRWEB) January 20, 2011

Fueled by information security concerns, highlighted by the recent release of confidential government and corporate information to Wikileaks, the question of document security is again brought center stage. These types of concerns have allowed V-Rooms™ to expand virtual data room utilization, resulting in our 55% revenue growth during 2010, well beyond M&A transactions into areas such as boardroom communications, life sciences, fund administration and business continuity.

In this era of the internet, when information sharing is at the touch of a button, the dilemma is how to keep sensitive information confidential. As corporations share large volumes of documents for various operations and transactions, it becomes an increasing challenge to allow the required exchange and collaboration of reams of highly sensitive documents while maintaining control over who has access to this critical information.

“Recognizing the heightened concerns around document security, last year we rolled out major enhancements to our V-Rooms program that allowed our clients to better protect their intellectual property. As a result, these capabilities provided substantial revenue growth during that difficult economic period,” said Dan Bradbary, CEO of V-Rooms. “These tightened information management controls included such features such as providing our clients with the ability to restrict the downloading, printing, copying and transfer of documents on an individual basis. This is in addition to the ability to apply dynamic watermarks of date, time, IP address and users names to documents, to further deter unauthorized distribution.”

The benefits of providing extensive document controls are very compelling. By providing the same security that is available to keep documents secure within a corporate firewall, our virtual deal rooms allow secure collaboration with employees, partners, attorneys, bankers or other parties who may be located around the world. Our system will also be able to deliver even more useful data about how users are viewing, exchanging and printing documents, when, and from which platforms and devices. Having such an audit trail provides even more accountability in complex business transactions, and goes a long way in controlling “data leakage”.

About V-Rooms:

Due Diligence Online, LLC (800-731-6379). V-Rooms provides a privately-branded online virtual data room solution, designed to streamline document management, collaboration, exchange and archiving for Financial, Legal and Corporate professionals. Our document repository facilitates the compliant and auditable exchange of sensitive information to accelerate complex, information-intensive processes, while reducing the time and expenses associated with data distribution, courier, printing and travel.


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